This recipe was first published as part of our feature on the Rosy Dawn.

“I’ve added in my homemade pineapple wine made from discarded pineapple skin. This modernises it by utilising an otherwise wasted part of the pineapple and it’s also a little nod to the Krug 1923 Baker and Paulson drank at their wedding. I think it’s more refreshing than the original and better suited to Hong Kong’s hot and humid climate.”

20ml Gin
20ml Cherry brandy
20ml Pineapple wine lees*
1bsp lime juice

Shake and strain into a flute, top with soda and finish with twist of lime.

*2kg pineapple skins; water; rich simple syrup; 1g chardonnay yeast. Combine 2kg of ripe pineapple skins, water and rich simple syrup at a 3:1 ratio in a wide-mouth container and cover with a breathable cloth. Allow wild fermentation to complete at room temperature (approximately one week), then remove solids and strain. Introduce 1g of chardonnay yeast and pour the liquid into a sterilised carboy. Airlock and allow natural fermentation to complete (approximately 2 weeks). Siphon the pineapple wine, leaving the sediment (lees). Agitate to raise the lees, then remove from carboy and bottle and refrigerate.