This cocktail was first featured in our story on honey in cocktails.

25ml Star of Bombay
25ml Shiso Cocchi Rosa*
20ml Honey wine**
6 Drops malic acid solution***
1.25ml 2:1 sugar syrup

Stir all the ingredients over ice and strain into a glass. Garnish with food safe aromatic flowers.

*Shiso Cocchi Rosa: 5 shiso leaves; 750ml Cocchi Rosa. Cut the leaves and vacuum pack with the Cocchi. Cook sous vide for 30 minutes at 60C. Allow to cool and re-bottle.

**Honey wine: 1kg of local honey; 6l water. Add ingredients to a ferment bucket and cover with muslin. Leave for 4-5 days, stirring once a day. Remove the muslin and seal with an air-lock lid and ferment until it reaches the desired flavour. Optional: centrifuge to clarify.

***Malic acid solution: 20g powdered malic acid; 80g filtered water. Stir until dissolved.