This recipe was first featured in our sponsored story on Old Fashioned Week 2017.

A highly aromatic performer from Lobster Bar & Grill at the Island Shangri-La Hong Kong, with vanilla, coconut, cacao and earl grey tea carefully married into a pre-batched base for this drink.

60ml House made Old Fashioned preparation*
15ml Monkey Shoulder
5ml Sugar syrup

Stir ingredients then strain over a big chunk of ice in an old fashioned glass. Garnish with twirl of dark chocolate.

*House made Old Fashioned preparation for 1 drink: heat up 10ml coconut oil, add 1tsp cacao powder, 1/2tsp earl grey loose tea, 1/2 vanilla pod, 30ml of Monkey Shoulder and 30ml Havana Club 7. Cook for 20 minutes, then chill for 12 hours and fine strain. For larger quantities, scale up from these amounts.