This recipe was first published in our story on Negroni Week 2017.

By Lim Byungjin, Miners, Seoul, to benefit the Fisher House Foundation.

“In Miners, we have a steam punk look and make cocktails that represent workers – in this case a version of the Rosita, a tequila based twist on the Negroni, to represent those that plant pineapples, cacao nibs or produce tequila. Cacao nibs give nuttiness and bitterness, while the pineapple and black pepper connect to tequila’s character.”

30ml Pineapple and cacao infused tequila
30ml Campari Dry & sweet vermouth mix
1ds Black pepper bitters

Stir and strain into a stem-less wine glass with ice. Garnish with a flower made from dried pineapple.