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DaVinci Gourmet is a company that believes in empowering professional drink makers to create their own masterpieces. Inspired by Leonardo DaVinci’s pursuit of perfection, the brand has been following the three tenets of craft, science and art for more than 25 years when creating products such as their Mixology range of syrups and the Intense series of flavour concentrates. Whether in a coffee or a cocktail, DaVinci Gourmet elevates taste, quality, and helps you create a deeper connection with your customers, turning you into a Flavour Genius.

Eddy Yang, DaVinci Gourmet Flavour Genius

The craft of DaVinci Gourmet.
Craftsmanship is a skill that conveys purity. Something made by hand, the original way, working to preserve the essence of the raw material as much as possible. DaVinci Gourmet similarly stays true to the base ingredients for each of its flavours. The brand’s Mixology range of syrups comes from fruits and ingredients sourced at their peak from around the world, and the company’s team also uses more real fruit juice, for example, than leading competitors. DaVinci Gourmet’s Intense series of natural flavour concentrates are made from real ingredients that are distilled and concentrated down with no added sugar or preservatives. The flavours are vibrant and bold, the aroma is clean and powerful.

A belief in craft is also an exercise in handiwork, functionality and consistency. Before a product is released to the market, the brand makes each test-batch by hand, perfecting it until it’s ready for production co-creating with actual mixologists and baristas. DaVinci Gourmet’s bottles are ergonomically designed to feel comfortable in your hands, and its geometric design is dynamic and eye-catching. Every product is crafted to bring amazing, consistent flavour to all types of drinks, both hot and cold.

The science of DaVinci Gourmet.
DaVinci Gourmet takes a modern, sensorial approach to crafting syrups and sauces for professional drink makers. The brand studies the science behind our senses and understands how they play an important role in delivering the perfect drink experience. For example, they’ve analysed the five basic flavours – sweet, sour, salty, spicy and umami – to create products that hit all these points for a well-rounded, balanced taste.

DaVinci Gourmet also considers other senses that indirectly affect our taste buds. Smell, for example, is known to evoke a strong emotional response. The texture of how a drink feels in the mouth influences how we perceive aroma. Different pitches and wavelengths of sound has been observed to either heighten or dull our sensations. And sight, of course; after all, we eat and drink with our eyes, and the things we serve should delight all our senses of our customers.

The art of DaVinci Gourmet.

In the end, it all comes down to your art. This is the moment of truth, where you combine craft and science into an artistic form to excite the people in front of you. Today, customers are after more than just a latte or a Long Island Iced Tea; they want entertainment and luxury, they want to hear stories, and they want to be wowed. DaVinci Gourmet lets baristas and bartenders to do that: by being a well-crafted product, it allows you to explore your own creativity, drawing on ideas from behind the bar to music, artwork, fashion and architecture. Through the combination of craft, science and art, you can create your own masterpiece and become a Flavour Genius.

In the video at the start of this post, watch how Eddy Yang displays his Flavour Genius using DaVinci Gourmet’s new Intense range of natural flavour concentrates.

Recipe (Click to view)
Crouching Tiger by Eddy Yang for DaVinci Gourmet



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