Because whisky’s neat but cocktails are better. By Jonathan White.

The first ever International Scotch Day is upon us and while we’re all for celebrating with a dram of the nation’s finest we think you can do better than a taking a nip, whichever way you take it – neat, with a splash of water or over ice. That’s why we’ve taken a look back through our archives for cocktails that give the water of life a new lease of life.

Behold, six of the best scotch concoctions to get you thinking or at least drinking in interesting ways about Scotland’s finest export – Sean Connery, salmon, The Proclaimers and President Donald Trump’s maw included.

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Coffee & Cigarettes
Thomas Waugh (of Death & Company) spices up a caffeine hit with smoky scotch and Mexican mole.

Coffee & Cigarettes
Jayce Kadyschuk takes Islay whisky all the way to Colombia in this cold-brew and chocolate concoction.

The Blue Bell Boy
Blended scotch comes home to roost in a cocktail that mixes things up with the addition of blue cheese ice cream – from the twisted mind of Yao Lu.

A Crocodile Dilemma
Yao Lu’s college philosophy class bares its teeth in a smoky, savoury Sazerac.

Third Night in Taipei
Aged single malts meet their match in barrel-aged cocktail sticks and go down in a blaze of glory courtesy of Aaron Feder. Bonus: you get Gaz Regan’s take on it.

You could easily make a hash of a drink where fermented banana cordial takes on smoky Islay whisky. Instead, Zach Luther makes a hashtag of it.