This recipe was first published in our feature on Smoked Cocktails.

By Jamie Boudreau, Canon, Seattle

40ml Dragon mix*
3ds Angostura bitters

Smoke with house dragon’s blood powder** and serve in a glass skull with a chilled coupe glass. Garnish with lemon twist.

*Dragon Mix: 1 bottle bourbon; 1 bottle Canon’s own High West Double Double rye; 1 bottle Punt e Mes; 1 bottle Meletti amaro; ½ bottle strawberry liqueur; 1 heaped teaspoon ascorbic acid. Use ultrasonic homogeniser for three runs of three minutes – or mix, stir and leave to marry for 1-2 hours if you don’t have access to one.

**Dragon’s Blood Powder: 15g strawberry tea; 2dps dragon’s blood essence; 4dps vanilla essence. Blend in herb grinder until powder.