Andrew Yap explains why the bar changed its name, but still remains true to Ernest Hemingway. By Holly Graham.

“But man is not made for defeat… A man can be destroyed but not defeated.” – Ernest Hemingway

As 2022 dawned, Andrew Yap, founder and managing partner of The Old Man Singapore took to social media to announce the bar was rebranding and changing its name to Papa Doble. Andrew explains all and reveals the next step for the Keong Saik Road bar.

What’s the reason for renaming The Old Man and what is the story behind Papa Doble?
Change is the essence of life and more so in this competitive business. We believe our transition to Papa Doble provides the necessary impetus for continued innovation and growth. It reflects our renewed vision and identity, sets us apart and presents a memorable impression. We are confident that this recognition will increase our company value, provide insight, set expectations, and make acquiring new customers easier. Despite the rejuvenated elements, we have retained the basic fabric of inspiration that is our “Papa” – Hemingway.

What does this rebranding mean for The Old Man fans in Singapore?
With Papa Doble, we plan to go above and beyond the previously expected level of innovation of The Old Man cocktails. We suspect that conversion will be easy, especially with the augmented food and spirits selection that we are going to offer our guests.

Will Papa Doble see a menu change soon and what can we expect?
We are in the midst of making changes to our current menu that will further punctuate the new Papa Doble motto. At Papa Doble, guests can expect flavours from all over the world in our upcoming cocktails that will launch in May.

We’re also hoping to reinforce this movement with the help of guest bartenders from internationally acclaimed bars. Educating our guests and titillating their palates is one of our top priorities.

Any other upcoming plans for Papa Doble?
We will be pushing the boundaries in our beverage program and boost more collaborative efforts with the goal of spreading our ethos beyond Singapore. The team will be traveling more often to share and spread the Papa Doble experience.