Tim Ethrington-Judge’s Healthy Hospo platform launches a digital training platform dedicated to health and wellness. By Holly Graham.

Hospitality veteran Tim Ethrington-Judge founded Healthy Hospo after a severe mental health breakdown in 2016. This not-for-profit company is dedicated to building a healthier, happier hospitality industry by providing education, support, events and business development for people, venues and brands working in or with the hospitality industry, platform focussing on sleep, nutrition, mental health, exercise and social connection.

Through various platforms, including our very own DRiNK Together sessions, Tim and his team have been delivering health and wellness know-how, and have now launched a web app to allow hospitality professionals to have access to Healthy Hospo lessons on the go.  

The app’s lessons cover topics such as sleep, nutrition, mental health, exercise, social connection, financial health, and business management, with new lessons added regularly. There’s also bespoke lessons and content including podcasts, videos, articles and recommended reading lists.

Of the app, Tim says: “Ever since I launched Healthy Hospo, I’ve always looked for ways to get our pioneering training into the hands of as many hospitality workers and businesses around the world as possible. The launch of our digital training platform – that puts all of our training in people’s hands, no matter where there are in the world – is the next stage in that dream of a healthier, happier hospitality industry.”

Subscription to the Healthy Hospo app is GBP£2 per month, and to learn more and access the platform, visit healthyhospo.com/training