Cheers to embracing the future.

2020 has thus far been a trying time for our industry, but we at DRiNK / Thirsty Work Productions have not been idle. For the past six months, we’ve been hard at work developing programs to drive the future of our business, striving to devise new and inspiring methods through which we can best serve the needs of the bar community and tackle the diverse aspects of the trade.

As always, we will continue to innovate, imagine and advance for the future of our industry. We look forward to this new chapter of our company alongside all who are a part of this trade – brands, ambassadors, venues and bartenders – as ever, you are the ones who motivate all that we do.

We are excited to share the launch the following seven DRiNK sub-brands, along with a rebrand and expansion of our celebrated annual bar industry awards ceremony. So, here’s the scoop!

DRiNK Well
A non-profit, health and wellness-focussed program delivering support on the topics Drink Well, Eat Well, Rest Well and Train Well. Working with a host of partners and contributors, DRiNK Well flows in the form of interactive WeChat groups, valuable online content and free offline events for members of the industry, aiming to strengthen and promote physical and mental wellbeing and strong ties in the community.

DRiNK Tank
Akin to the popular “think tank” method of qualitative research, DRiNK Tank offers strategic services to our clients by way of knowledge sourcing and analysis. Through consulting and assembling key specialists from the trade and beyond, we present advanced solutions to specific challenges and projects.

DRiNK Together
Born out of the COVID-19 pandemic, the DRiNK Together platform brings industry professionals together from all corners of the world to share expertise via digital masterclasses, forums and discussions. Carried out by video conference (i.e. Zoom), sessions are hosted by respected names of the trade specialising in a diverse array of topics, such as social media management, photography, wellness, mindfulness, nutrition and more.

Ready to DRiNK (RTD)
Originally launched in this year by Taste Buds bar group (Atelier, Arch, The Antique), Ready to DRiNK is an e-commerce focussed bar offering “ready-to-drink” cocktails designed for the next generation of China’s drinkers. The futuristic-style outlets offering non-alcoholic juices which can be spiked with spirits, as well as trendy take-home drink packs for guests to enjoy anytime. TWP has entered into a strategic partnership with RTD – resulting in Ready to DRiNK – to help make cocktails and better drinking more accessible to the Chinese and Asia markets. Ready to DRiNK will also offer consultancy to hotels, restaurants, bars, and cafes across China that are seeking easy and fast solutions to deliver quality beverages to guests.

DRiNK Awards
Formerly titled DMBA, the 5th edition of our renowned bar industry awards ceremony will receive a fresh bolt of energy through a rebranding as the DRiNK Awards. As one of the largest trade celebrations in the world, past editions of DRiNK Awards have hosted over 700 attendees and 14 guest bars in collaboration with 35 brand partners; livestreamed to 13.9 million viewers and covered by 150 media outlets. This year’s event will take place on November 23 at the Jing An Shangri-La, West Shanghai, alongside two new accompanying events – DRiNK Street and DRiNK Fest.

DRiNK Street
Held the weekend before DRiNK Awards and in conjunction with DRiNK Fest, November 21-22 will see Shanghai host a drink-focussed street market, comprised of 25 bars, 10 food stalls and 5 retail booths. DRiNK Street will be a homage to the one of the best drink markets in the world, open to any and all consumers who want to experience its excellence.

DRiNK Fest China
Held November 12-22 as a lead up to DRiNK Awards, DRiNK Fest is a business-boosting, consumer-focussed activation inviting venues across China to join a nine-day event that will both celebrate quality drinking and drive more guests into our country’s best venues. During the festival, guests will receive access to specially designed drink deals at participating venues, all discoverable through a professionally designed digital platform built in collaboration with Dining City, the creators of the hugely successful China Restaurant Week. 

As TWP strives to play our part for a more sustainable future while simultaneously endeavouring to create lower-waste events for our clients, we have embarked on several CSR and sustainable projects, and the biggest project to date is the development of the ECOBar. Having been at the helm of many events where temporary bars are built by the dozen and then disposed of after one use, we recognised the need for improvement and set out to find a solution. The result is the ECOBar, a reusable, self-contained bar and back bar constructed with an ECOgreen frame. The ECOBar is stored by TWP and available for rent for use at any location in Shanghai (for the moment); assembled in just three hours and then quickly dismantled, picked up by our team and once again stored. Made possible by its specially designed removable panels, the ECOBar can be fitted with customised skins according to brand needs or with those from our library of pre-designed choices. Reusable, convenient, stylish and affordable, the ECOBar is the perfect solution for any and all brands who want to be more environmentally conscious in their events.