This recipe was first published as part of our trend feature on Fermentation.

Jay Khan, owner of Coa in Hong Kong, gives a simple how-to for the fermented honey beverage.

4 Parts dechlorinated room temperature water
1 Part organic raw honey
Fruit with edible skin (optional)

Add four parts dechlorinated room temperature water to one part raw honey. Mix it well and leave to ferment in a glass jar for around a week. Once it begins to bubble, consume young, or transfer just the liquid to bottles with a seal, and continue fermenting for as long as you want – but make sure to release pressure from the bottle everyday so it doesn’t explode.

Use organic raw honey as it’s already populated with an abundance of yeast. If you can’t find raw honey, can use the pasteurised version, but make sure you add fruits with their skin intact as a yeast source. The fruit can be anything you like, as long as the skin of the fruit is edible. The amount is totally up to you – the more you add the more flavour it will impart.