This drink first appeared in our feature on Cocktail Families: Toddies.

From Bariana, A practical compendium of all American and British drinks by Louis Fouquet, 1896 (taken from the 2009 translation by Charles Vexenat), this drink takes a basic Applejack or Calvados Toddy and turns it into a wonderfully rich, smooth after-dinner drink. The pectins in the cooked fruit give the drink a thick, silky texture.

The original recipe calls for the ingredients to be heated together and stirred, but I prefer to mash the flesh of the apple when hot, making a purée which can be stored for later use.

1 bsp of sugar
60ml Calvados (or Applejack)
60ml hot water
Half an apple, oven cooked

If possible, warm the calvados using a hot-plate or a warm-water bath, though this isn’t essential. Mix the hot water, sugar and apple well, muddling to remove lumps. Add the Calvados and serve in a coffee glass with freshly grated nutmeg on the top.