This drink first appeared in our feature on The Black Dog in Frankfurt.

“This concoction has a super-relaxed late Sunday morning breakfast vibe. It cosies up to you and wraps around you like a warm blanket. The aroma of fresh coffee paired with pandan and banana bread puts warm fuzzies in a glass” – Rene Soffner.

50ml Coffee bourbon*
10ml Pandan Milkmaid**
20ml Banana bread syrup***
2dps Saline solution
0.166g Citric acid
Full fat milk

Combine all ingredients and carefully pour them into cold full fat milk at a ratio of four parts ingredients to one part milk and refrigerate overnight. Filter twice through coffee filters.

*Coffee Bourbon: 500ml bourbon; 50g fresh roasted coffee beans. Seal in a vacuum bag and let sit for one hour at room temperature. Strain off liquid and reserve.

**Pandan Milkmaid: 500ml Milkmaid (sweetened condensed milk); 40g pandan leaves. Sous-vide for 60 minutes at 68 degrees Celsius.

***Banana Bread Syrup: 320g sugar; 500ml water; 100g whole wheat digestives; one ripe banana; one vanilla pod; 50ml banana liqueur. Set Thermomix to 80 degrees Celsius and blend on high for 10 minutes, then filter through a nutbag. Alternatively blitz everything until smooth and bring boil at to 80 degrees Celsius in a pot, then filter and reserve.