Our editors pick the best of the web’s booze writing. This week: mezcal made from chicken, wine made from singer Pink’s hands, and booze made in outer space.

How to Make Mezcal With a Chicken Breast [Lucky Peach]
Mexico seems like the never-ending frontier for lesser-known spirits, and pechuga mezcal is one of the most recent to come to the forefront. Lucky Peach explores why this agave spirit can smell like everything from bananas to bandages.

Ryan Burk Is on a Mission to Save American Cider [Gear Patrol]
American cider maker Angry Orchard is trying to shed its reputation as a mass producer by hiring a former craft brewer and creating a line of artisanal ciders. Gear Patrol explores how Big Cider is attempting to go craft.

Singer Pink reveals California winery and early love for Chateauneuf-du-Pape – Interview [Decanter]
American singer Pink talks about her new southern Californian winery, the music she listens to while pruning, and what made her a wine lover. No, it isn’t rosé.

Beer in Ads [Brookston Beer Bulletin]
Who needs history books when you can look back in time through old beer ads. This regular column on the Brookston Beer Bulletin analyses retro advertisements and explain how the context affected the way they were perceived and read.

Inside the Secret Manchester Pub That Only Serves Bartenders [Munchies]
We’ve all heard of the bartenders’ bar, but a pub in Manchester is taking the title literally by only letting in other bar staff at a fixed time every evening. Just don’t forget to carry your proof of employment.

What’s the Point of Going to Space if You Don’t Make Booze? [Wired]
Drinking has always had a long-standing association with travelling: just look at how we got Navy-strength gin and ended up steeping brandy in wood. As we venture further into space, Wired looks at the various ways we can make booze in zero-gravity, without the aid of earthly physics.