Our editors pick the best of the web’s booze writing. This week: Jim Meehan preaches on manners, building better mocktails, winemaking in the Iranian city of Shiraz, and brewing in food.

If You Liked Our Gin, Try Our Tonic
[New York Times] 
Robert Simonson investigates the new trend from spirits producers – getting in the mix when it comes to their associated mixer. And some are even hoping to brand longstanding cocktails as their own…

The Importance of Etiquette
[Lucky Peach]
In an excerpt from his upcoming book, Meehan’s Bartender Manual, Jim Meehan outlines the importance of etiquette at every step of the way from the coat check to cleanliness and how it applies to each and every bar.

Is The Brewed Food Trend About To Go Mainstream?
[Food Republic]
Fermentation has already been predicted as a next big culinary trend, and one Colorado chef is jumping on this train by incorporating everyone’s favourite fermented beverage – beer – in food. He’s breaking beer down into its components – yeast, hops, grains and fermentation – and making them show up in unexpected places.

Why Your Bar Needs Better Non-Alcoholic Drinks
[Tales of the Cocktail]
Herbs, bark, vegetables and spices are going beyond cocktails and showing up in non-alcoholic drinks. Tales of the Cocktail tells you to how to step up your mocktail game.

Does Shiraz wine come from Iran?
There’s shiraz the wine and Shiraz the Iranian city. Coincidence? Maybe not.  The BBC discovers how the place was once synonymous with winemaking but has no connection to the grape.