This recipe was first published in our feature on Dairy Cocktails.

Aki Eguchi, Gibson, Singapore

This eye-catching drink has drawn much praise since going on the list at Gibson. It perfectly encapsulates a modernist approach to both the Clarified Milk Punch and the Ramos Gin Fizz.

160ml Crystal Ramos mixture*
Orange Blossom mixture**

Pour Crystal Ramos mixture into wine glass. Take Orange Blossom mixture and use an air pump to aerate the mixture to create Orange Blossom bubbles. Scoop Orange Blossom bubbles with spoon and top up wine glass. Serve.

*Crystal Ramos mixture: 1600ml Gin Milk Punch***; 350ml No3 Gin; 200ml water; 50ml sugar syrup (1:1 ratio). Put ingredients together in bottle and carbonate (Gibson uses a SodaStream). Keep refrigerated. (Makes approximately 14 servings.)

**Orange Blossom mixture: 60ml orange blossom water; 500ml water; 1.2g xantham gum; 2.6g Versawhip. Put ingredients in a 1.5 litre container and hand-blend mixture until thoroughly mixed, with a silky consistency. Cover container and refrigerate mixture when not in use.

***Gin Milk Punch: 300ml green tea; 400ml Beefeater gin; 210g sugar; 100ml Sailor Jerry Rum; 45ml Koko Kanu coconut; 45ml Bohemian-style absinthe; 300ml lemon juice; 150ml milk; 6 pieces orange peel; 3 pieces lemon peel; 6 cloves; 1/2 star anise; 1/3 piece cinnamon; 15.5g agar agar powder. Dissolve 210g sugar in 300ml hot green tea and mix with all other ingredients, except milk and agar agar, in a pitcher. Leave mixture to sit in fridge for 24 hours. Next day, warm milk to 60C then add to pitcher. Stir and leave to sit for further 24 hours – this will start the curdling process. Strain with cheesecloth. Remove 1/3 of mixture and heat to 60C, add agar agar powder and stir. Once dissolved, add this back to pitcher of mixture and leave in fridge for 24 hours. Strain with coffee filters.