This recipe was first published in our feature on low calorie Skinny Drinks.

By Seersucker, San Diego, via Jen Queen

A low-sugar variation on a mule for those getting into beach shape. Refreshing and light, but with all the strength and flavour of a good tequila. By keeping the volume of lime juice low and by adding spices that are usually associated with sweetness, no extra sugar is needed. This one comes in at around 100 calories.

45ml Blanco tequila
15ml Ginger tincture*
10ml Lime juice
Soda to top

Build the ingredients as with a mule – in a glass or mule tin. Garnish with lime or fresh ginger.

*Ginger tincture: chopped ginger; coriander seed; fennel seed; cardamom. Heat chopped ginger with water and spices. Take off the heat and allow to cool, add fresh juiced ginger to taste.  If the smoke flavour is too strong, mix with regular sugar syrup to taste.