The veteran bartender is back in Singapore and rolling out a comprehensive list of classics to get back to basics. By Holly Graham.

Steve Schneider, principal bartender of Employees Only Singapore (EOSG) and New York is back East for a while and ready to get back to the old school.

The 99 Classic Club is the brainchild of Steve, and a product of a desire to get both his bartenders and guests back to the fundamentals. The club features a list of 99 cocktails Steve believes have stood the test of time, and as he says: “They are drinks that I have actually made for my guests over my 18 plus years of mixing drinks – most of them by request.” He even went back through his sales history to really nail it down to the best 99. And why 99? “Because it sounded cooler than 100,” laughs Steve.

So how does it work? The club is free to join, has no time limit and will run nightly at EOSG from 4-7pm and all night on Sundays and Mondays. 

Upon joining, guests are given a “jotter book” reminiscent of Singaporean school workbooks that lives at EOSG in which they can make notes as they gradually wade through the 99 drinks. The cocktails also come in slightly smaller portions than the usual EOSG serves, and there are numerous tiers throughout the journey which unlock rewards and gifts. Steve will also be sending challenges and a bi-monthly newsletter with suggestions on how to navigate this behemoth of a menu.

One must begin the club with a clean slate, meaning that you can’t just waltz in and claim you’ve already tried some of the cocktails. They must all be had as part of the club at EOSG. 

When club members have completed all 99 classics, they will be rewarded with a SGD$200 EOSG gift card, access to all the bar’s exclusive parties throughout the year, and a 10% discount at EOSG for life. 

Steve’s reasoning for starting 99 Cocktail Club is simple: “Drinking trends come and go. Fancy prep and scientific tools are in almost every cocktail bar today, but these drinks listed here are essential to the fundamentals of the bartender and the fundamentals of the drinker. They have stood the test of time.” 

For further clarifications of rules, to join or to ask any other questions, please email