Got something you want to write about? Give us a shout!

From our original print magazine to the digital realm, DRiNK has always been committed to the bar industry as Asia’s leading trade publication. A platform to communicate our region’s cocktail culture, we strive to educate, inform, inspire and share the stories of the people, bars and trends across Asia. 

While COVID-19 is still wreaking havoc and taking its toll on all of us, we still believe Asia’s cocktail culture is on the ascent, and we want to hear from bar industry professionals from all over the region. We’re looking for those in the bar industry – including but not limited to bartenders, distillers, bar flies, brand ambassadors and everything in between – to contribute to DRiNK and tell the tales of your home’s bar scene and share unique insights with our readers.

Interested? Here’s the lowdown:

  1. The writer needs to have some writing experience, have their own unique insights into the industry, and have a personal style of writing
  2. In order to ensure the professionalism of the content, priority is given to industry insiders and professionals who are familiar with the spirits industry
  3. You pitch us! We often get people telling us they want to write for us but they don’t come armed with ideas. We do not want reviews or pieces that are consumer focussed.
  4. Your ideas must be original and the scope of the article must fall under one of our three core subjects: Venues; People; DRiNKs:

-DRiNKs: Educational and inspirational
-People: Hospitality, wellness, game changers and more
-Venues: Design, format, business and more

  1. The articles can only be published exclusively on
  2. Writers will be paid SGD340 per article, and word count is around 1500 words, depending on the subject. (Word count will be agreed with the managing editor in advance).
  3. Writers must be based in Asia, and preference will be given to those outside of Hong Kong as we already have a team there. We also have a separate WeChat platform in mainland China, and articles on the Chinese bar scene are predominately in Mandarin and are commissioned separately.  
  4. Please note we can’t accept all commissions. If we think your article doesn’t fit our tone, has been covered before, is branded or we feel is a little self-serving, it won’t be commissioned. 

Please contact for more information or to pitch an article.