Connaught Bar took the top spot, while the capitals of Korea, Thailand and Malaysia entered the list for the very first time. By Holly Graham.

Connaught Bar from London has just been named The World’s Best Bar 2020, while ATLAS (Singapore) was Asia’s highest ranking bar at 4. Tokyo’s Bar High Five also scooped the coveted Legend of the List award and Jay Khan’s COA (Hong Kong) won the Highest Climber award having shot up 41 places from 49 in 2019 to 8.

2020 sees 15 entries for Asia on the list – the most the region has seen. New entries include Charles H (Seoul) at 48, Bar Trigona (Kuala Lumpur) at 44 and The Bamboo Bar (Bangkok) at 35, making it the first time bars from Korea, Malaysia and Thailand have featured on The World’s 50 Best Bars. 

Congratulations to everyone! It’s been a strange year and we hope the list has bought a little joy in a time of such uncertainty.

Here’s the full rundown of the World’s 50 Best Bars 2020, with the Asian entries in bold:

  1. Connaught Bar (London) – Best Bar in Europe
  2. Dante (New York) – Best Bar in North America
  3. The Clumsies (Athens)
  4. ATLAS (Singapore) – Best Bar in Asia
  5. Tayer + Elementary (London) – Highest New Entry
  6. Kwant (London) – Best New Opening 
  7. Floreria Atlantico (Buenos Aires) – Best Bar in South America
  8. COA (Hong Kong) – Highest Climber award
  9. Jigger & Pony (Singapore)
  10. SG Club (Tokyo)
  11. Maybe Sammy (Sydney) – Best Bar in Australasia
  12. Attaboy (New York)
  13. NoMad Bar (New York)
  14. Manhattan (Singapore)
  15. The Old Man (Hong Kong)
  16. Katana Kitten (New York)
  17. Licoreria Limantour (Mexico City)
  18. Native (Singapore)
  19. Paradiso (Barcelona)
  20. American Bar (London)
  21. Carnaval (Lima)
  22. Salmon Guru (Madrid)
  23. Zuma (Dubai) – Best Bar in the Middle East and Africa
  24. Little Red Door (Paris)
  25. 1930 (Milan)
  26. Two Schmucks (Barcelona) – new entry
  27. El Copitas (St Petersburg) 
  28. Cantina OK! (Sydney) – new entry
  29. Lyaness (London)
  30. Himkok (Oslo)
  31. Baba Au Rum (Athens)
  32. Panda & Sons (Edinburgh) – new entry
  33. Swift (London)
  34. Three Sheets (London)
  35. The Bamboo Bar (Bangkok) – new entry
  36. Tjoget (Stockholm)
  37. Buck & Breck (Berlin)
  38. Employees Only (New York)
  39. Bulletin Place (Sydney)
  40. Bar Benfiddich (Tokyo) – new entry
  41. Artesian (London)
  42. Sober Company (Shanghai)
  43. Indulge Experimental Bistro (Taipei)
  44. Bar Trigona (Kuala Lumpur) – new entry
  45. Drink Kong (Rome)
  46. Room by Le Keif (Taipei) – new entry
  47. Alquimico (Cartagena, Columbia) – Sustainability award and new entry
  48. Bar High Five (Tokyo) – Legend of the List award
  49. Charles H (Seoul) – new entry
  50. Presidente (Buenos Aires)