This recipe was first published as part of our trend feature on Fermentation.

This fruity, bitter-backed ode to the power of pineapple skin was dreamed up by the co-founder of Kenshin in Kuala Lumpur, and Osmund Bernard’s 42-day treatment of pineapple skin is certainly worth the wait.

120ml Kenshin pineapple wine*
20ml Campari
1ml Peach bitters

Throw the ingredients and serve in a chilled wine glass.

*Kenshin pineapple wine: Skins of five pineapples; 5l filtered water; 1kg sugar (any); 1tbsp dried wine yeast; 1bsp yeast nutrient. Rinse pineapple skins with water to clean. Boil filtered water and add 500g sugar. When cool, add yeast, yeast nutrient and pineapple skins. Keep in jar and cover the opening with a fine cloth – do not seal the jar air tight. Ferment for 21 days in a dark place and stir the contents daily. After 21 days, add 500g sugar and ferment for another 21 days. After 42 days, filter the wine through cheesecloth and store in a bottle.