Last chance to book your place at Phil Baylys celebration of Mexican spirits, arriving next week to the Malaysian capital. By Holly Graham. 

Agave Love is a festival of agave spirits originally founded in Australia by Phil Bayly. The event supports the promotion, education, protection and recognition of tequila and mezcal, plus other lesser known agave cousins such as raicilla and sotol. After an appearance in Singapore in 2016, it’s now popping up in KL for a two-day agave celebration next week.

Confirmed presenters are Phil Bayly (who has also been named an official Global Mezcal Ambassador by the Mexican government), Dr Ivan Saldana (author of The Anatomy of Mezcal), Jesse Estes (Global Brand Ambassador for Tequila Ocho) and James Estes (Southeast Asia Ambassador for Tequila Ocho). Details of the programme are below, although please note Day 1 is already sold out. For more info and to reserve places, contact James Estes on stating your name, position and company with “AGAVE LOVE KL” in the subject line.

Day One
Session one: Mezcal 101. This covers what mezcal is and how it’s made (and how it’s different to tequila), plus its states and regions of origin, the different classes and types, and the role of the Mezcal Regulatory Council. The class will also examine recent changes to the mezcal category’s regulation, as well as a tasting teaching how to drink mezcal correctly and how to appreciate its complexities.
Location: Mexican Embassy
Time: 11am-1pm
Date: April 2

Session two: Tequila 101. This covers the history, key players and development of the category, including production and finishing, and will include tastings of different types and classes of tequila, noting what makes them different. The session will also cover the main families that helped grow the category, featuring names such as Jose Cuervo, Tequila Sauza, Herradura and Don Julio, and the evolution of the Denomination of Origin Tequila and the NOM, as well as the role of the CRT and the CNIT.
Location: Mexican Embassy
Time: 2-3.30pm
Date: April 2

Day Two
Session one: Agave Spirits and the Anatomy of the Agave (a Geek’s Paradise). This class will host an in-depth discussion led by Dr Ivan Saldana about the unique qualities and characteristics of the agave plant. Dr Saldana holds a PHD in agave, is the author The Anatomy of Mezcal and the co-founder of Montelobos Mezcal and Ancho Reyes.
Location: Birch
Time: 3-4.30pm
Date: April 3

Session two: Tequila and Mezcal Mixology. Hosted by agave-tuned bartenders James Estes and Jesse Estes, expect tips on how to work with agave spirits in cocktails and discussion a demonstration of the versatility of the category.
Location: Skullduggery
Time: 8pm-late
Date: April 3