When it comes to getting millennials to drink wine, these folks have it in the can. By Jonathan White.

Considering screwtops still cause wine snobs to get a screw loose, what meltdown should we expect from wine in a can? Well, there are plenty of companies in the US that don’t care: their targets are millennials and sales are on the up. But why now, considering wine’s been available in cans for years? One study showed that for 18-39 year olds in the US, canned wines have the greatest perception of quality in relation to packaging. Convenience is also seen as key – witness one image on Underwood’s website of a snowboarder putting can to mouth (and frosted beard) at the bottom of a run.

Big names in canned wine right now – Infinite Monkey Theorem, Union Wine’s Underwood, Fiction by Field Recordings and Alloy Wine Works – are crushing it through cool can design, snarky snob skewering and what the kids refer to as dope Instagram feeds. It’s a formula that clearly works and, like wine in cans, easy to export. Next stop, Asia?