Our editors pick the best of the web’s booze writing. This week: starting your own brand, standing-room-only Japanese wine bars, a drop of rare liquor in a watch, and more.

Bringing the Italian Ritual of “Resentin” to the Bar World [Punch]
A bar in Chicago has taken the Italian practice of chasing the ends of a nearly empty coffee cup with a spirit, and applied it to how they serve oysters. Punch discovers how this is giving a new meaning to shooting an oyster.

Philip Duff on How to Start Your Own Brand [Liquor]
For anyone who ever dreamed about putting their name on something, Philip Duff schools us on how to create your own brand without necessarily having to compete with the big boys.

In Tokyo’s Best New Wine Bars, Drink Standing Up [Saveur]
Saveur shines a spotlight onto a new wave of Japanese natural wine bars that are literally not taking things sitting down.

The World’s Oldest Whisky Is Being Poured into a Line of $45,000 Watches [Munchies]
In news for the one per cent, a Swiss watchmaker has been commissioned to make ten watches, each containing a drop of the world’s oldest whisky. Its name? The Whisky Watch.