Warren Pang takes us track-by-track through a night at Janes & Hooch. By Jonathan White.

As part of the new look design that is debuting with the newest issue of DRiNK Magazine (47 in China and 05 for the Asia edition, fact fans), we’ve also got a few new regular columns for you. One of these is Playlist, where we take a look at one of the most important – and criminally overlooked – elements of the bar experience: music. We get cerebral with the music programming of a specific bar and operators tell us why those songs work for them.

First up to have his taste in music judged by a jury of his peers is Warren Pang from Janes & Hooch in Beijing.  We thought long and hard about who should be first in the hot seat and kept coming back to Janes and the man behind the music. Warren was keen to wax lyrical and peel back the curtain when it come to the process for making sure each track hits the right note.

If you want to know why Warren picked these particular songs for his Playlist – SPOILER ALERT: it is definitely not a random Spotify playlist – you’ll have to get the magazine but we’re not so mean as to not share his selections with you.

The playlist is below for you to so you can treat yourself to some new bangers and have a think about what you should be the soundtrack to your guest’s drinking.