Our editors pick the best of the web’s booze writing. This week the Caesar of wine, sustainable cocktails, cork’s comeback, craft vodka in LA and why cask strength might be too aggressive for everyone.

The Next Generation of Closed-Loop Cocktails
As we reported in the last issue of DRiNK, sustainability has leaped from the kitchen to the bar with the next wave of “closed loop” cocktail bars such as Himkok in Oslo and web resources like the Bali-based Indigenous Bartender trying to cut out waste.

Strange Tales: The Emperor Who Loved Vineyards And Drove His Troops To Fury
[The Drinks Business]
Meet the overlooked Roman Emperor who deserves credit for his deliberate expansion of viticulture. Hail Probus! He might not be the sole father of European winemaking but he could be the forerunner of hip beards.

LA’s Arts District Is Swimming in Craft Vodka
Characterless by legal definition, these Los Angeleno artisans are paying no heed to the rules when it comes to vodka and trying to put their individual approach – and their neighbourhood – on the map.

How Millennials (Almost) Killed the Wine Cork
[The Atlantic]
Object Lessons takes a look at how cork manufacturers are trying to put the cork back in the bottle when it comes to the packaging expectations of the modern wine drinker.

Why I Dislike Cask Strength Whisky
Martine Nouet lays out the case for cask strength whiskies and what is the best abv for bottling.