Our editors pick the best of the web’s booze writing. This week: tips on taking shots better, bamboo-aged baijiu, creating your own whisky blend, the 9,000 year-old story of alcohol, and Snoop Dogg as gin brand ambassador.

Tips, Tricks and Gadgets for Taking Better Cocktail Photos
[Tales of the Cocktail]
A strong visual identity is crucial in selling your bar online. Tales of the Cocktail talks to an Instagram old hand to find out how to shoot the perfect cocktail photo.

The secret to how China’s bamboo liqueur is made
[South China Morning Post]
In the absence of oak barrels, a Sichuan liquor producer is hedging on local trees to create a bamboo-aged baijiu. The South China Morning Post explores how he is innovating on this traditional process from Fujian.

How the Infinity Bottle Became a Whiskey Nerd Obsession
A growing number of whisky enthusiasts are playing master blender by creating their own blends in an “infinity bottle”. Some results are weird, others are superb, but all are extremely personal and offered to only the closest of whisky friends.

Our 9,000-Year Love Affair With Booze
[National Geographic]
That boozy beverage that you’re bringing to your lips right now? People have been doing that for over 9,000 years. Nat Geo delves into exactly how far back we have been getting drunk.

Snoop Dogg on “Upper Echelon” Gin and Connecting With Martha Stewart
[LA Weekly]
The D-O-Double-G mines his lyrics for libations in his new role as brand ambassador for Tanqueray Ten. What are we drinking? The gin, apple vodka and pineapple Laid Back and, even better, Pink Panties (gin, pink lemonade, ice cream and strawberries).