Propose your favourite bars – or yourself – to win a prize at this year’s Tales of the Cocktails awards. By Natasha Hong.

Spirited Awards, one of the biggest annual pats on the back for the worldwide drinks community, is back for its 11th year at this year’s Tales of the Cocktail. And while a section of the awards is still reserved for American bars and bartenders, those international prizes are up for grabs – and, as we learned at Tales of the Cocktail last year, it pays to nominate yourself.

From now until April 30, sign up for an account on the Spirited Awards site to name your choices for the following “Best International” categories: Bar Team, Bartender of the Year, Brand Ambassador, Cocktail Bar, High Volume Cocktail Bar, Hotel Bar, Restaurant Bar and New Cocktail Bar. There are also a prize for the Best Cocktail and Spirits Publication – y’know, in case anyone deserving comes to mind!

Asia’s earned pretty good representation on the Top 10 and Top 4 lists over the past few years. In 2016, Chris Lowder, Zdenek Kastanek and Hidetsugu Ueno were shortlisted for International Bartender of the Year (with Ueno-san winning it), then Singapore’s Manhattan made the cut for Best International Hotel Bar, Bali’s Potato Head Beach Club for International High Volume Cocktail Bar and Singapore’s Gibson for Best New International Cocktail Bar. With the rising calibre of talent and concepts around the region, there’s no time like now for us in Asia to make the world take notice – so grab a coffee, prepare your reasons and get nominating.

See the Spirited Awards page for nomination details and form.