Tequila and mezcal are rapidly rising to prominence in the region and if you needed evidence, here it is. Agave Love, the yearly conference centred on Mexico’s agave-based spirits expands beyond its Australian home to include Singapore on this year’s calendar.

Over two days in September, organiser and tequila expert Phil Bayly will lead a pack of producers and experts between tastings, talks, bar classes and conversations in cafes geared at bar professionals and knowledge-thirsty members of the public. Luminaries flying over include Tequila Ocho’s Tomas Estes, tequila ambassador to the US Julio Bermejo, Mina Real Mezcal’s Jacob Lustig and Don Fulano Global’s Sergio Mendoza.

From September 4-5, a series of introductory-level sessions explaining the category will kick off proceedings, before more advanced topics such as distillation in pre-Hispanic times, terroir’s influence on the agave plant, agave varietals, and other Mexican agave spirits like raicilla and sotol, are covered at venues in the Hongkong Street and Duxton Hill neighbourhoods, including 28HKS, The Proof Flat, Norma, Vasco and Ronin.

Tickets for Agave Love are on sale now at AUD62.50 (¥320, SGD 64.60) for a day pass. See their official website for more info.