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Recipe: The Negroni

Bad day in the office? Need something to soothe the nerves after ordering that pesky kid to be whacked? Time for a Negroni.

Elephant Gin

An Africa-inspired gin that donates a portion of profits to protecting elephants.

Jerez Highball by Erik Lorincz

Served at the first Asia's 50 Best Bars ceremony, the legendary bartender opens the palate with refreshing and savoury notes. 

Latina by Erik Lorincz

Tonic water plays nice with mezcal in this creation by the American Bar at The Savoy's former head bartender.

Whizz Kid by Jesse Vida

In this drink at BlackTail, New York, it’s the carefully engineered liquid – not a garnish – that does the talking.

3 บาร์เทนเดอร์เอเชีย Peter Chua ณิกษ์ อนุมานราชธน และ Imelda Ng ร่วมทริปกับ Diplomatico ไกลถึงเวเนซุเอล่า

เปิดโลกและโรงกลั่นอันเป็นเอกลักษณ์ของ Diplomatico ผ่านประสบการณ์ของ 3 บาร์เทนเดอร์แถวหน้าของเอเชีย

레시피: Banacca by Adam Bursik

싱가포르 샹그릴라 호텔 Origin bar매니저의 혼합은 간단하진 않지만, 정말 맛있는 레시피. 데킬라 베이스에 발효한 열대 바나나와 초콜렛 비터스가 환상적으로 어우러진 칵테일.

레시피: Sleeping Dictionary by Osmund Bernard

쿠알라룸푸르 Kenshin의 공동 설립자가 개발한 과일 맛과 쓴맛의 조화, 파이앤플 껍질의 풍미를 예찬하는 칵테일. Osmund Bernard가 파인애플 껍질로 42일 동안 정성 들여 만든 파인애플 와인은 기다릴만한 가치가 있다.

Meadow by Rusty Cerven

A refreshing breath of Asian-scented air, served in the Members’ Lounge at 1880 members club in Singapore.

Get to know: Absinthe Classics

Few spirits can claim as chequered a history as absinthe. Escaping persecution in Europe, discover how the green fairy found a spiritual home in New Orleans.

The DRiNK Magazine Face: Faye Chen

The former bar manager of Speak Low in Shanghai, and winner of Bacardi Legacy China in 2015, has packed her bags for a new adventure: her own bar in New York.
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